David Gagne

Leah Gagne (www.twitter.com/seeyaleah)


Current Job:

Video Systems Engineer
IHOP-KC (www.ihopkc.org)

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  • @Cole_Joe XP? Ew. Updates in 8 are a little better. MS should get a partnership with Netflix to give people something to do while updating. | 2 days ago
  • @Cole_Joe we got on big screen, but probably not tv. Later we were just behind the guy who caught ball with his hat. | 4 days ago
  • Good seats. 2-0 twins. 1drv.ms/1iBvwy7 | 4 days ago
  • @root2702 Soon it will be safe to write your password on a Sticky Note, as long as it's in cursive. | 6 days ago
  • I'm getting to a point where I despise local applications. Give me a well made web-app any day. #TheFuture | 6 days ago
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