It’s my birthday!

It’s my birthday! I know you probably forgot to give me a gift, but no worries, I have a handy button here! All proceeds will be used to purchase fun gadgets, golf stuff, clothes, or stuff for my home and garden! I have my eyes on maybe a Roku, a cheap windows tablet, or maybe […]

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Continuous improvement

While it’s not until recently that I’ve given language to it, continuous improvement is something I have done all my life. Reading, tinkering, dreaming, and dissatisfaction for what I see today keeps pushing me forward. Sometimes I get frustrated that certain areas of my life do not match up with my dreams and desires, and I […]

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My Goals

A lot of people spend time thinking about and writing down their goals. We all have them. Typical things you see here are: “Improve my finances.” “Grow in my profession.” “Grow spiritually.” “Renovate my kitchen.” “Enjoy the outdoors.” “Spend more time with my family.” All of these are worthy goals. But there’s one thing that […]

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#NABSHOW 2012 Roundup: Final Thoughts

There’s a lot going on at NABSHOW. It’s hard keeping up with it all. Here’s a few random things worth mentioning.


Thunderbolt was all over the place at #NABSHOW but it’s not the only port out there. In fact, I saw about as many Thunderbolt adapters as I did thunderbolt products. Some interesting ones include:

  • Thunderbolt to Fiber (Promise, ATTO)
  • Thunderbolt to eSATA hub (LaCie)
  • SDI capture and playout (AJA, Blackmagic)
  • 10Gb Ethernet (ATTO)
  • PCI-E expansion slots (Sonnet, Magma)
  • Express Card slot (Sonnet)


I’m no editor, but it was impossible to ignore the fact that Adobe is taking over this game. Also Smoke announced their new full edit solution, which surprised everyone. Everyone’s talking about switching to Premiere and love the new features of CS6. FCPX was mostly being ignored. Again, I’m not an editor so I don’t really have strong opinions here, but it’s interesting to watch the competition.

PC Workstations

With Adobe CS6 becoming popular, and the future of Mac Pros in doubt, many people are looking at possibly switching to PCs for their edit workstations. There are some good options emerging such as:

  • ProMax One
    • Looks like a Mac Pro, but faster and more expandable.
    • Has customized Windows 7 installation.
  • SuperMicro
    • VERY powerful workstations, up to quad GPU!
    • Very customizable to meet your needs
    • Does not include OS


CatDV deserves it’s own mention, even though there’s not much new here. While there were various other media asset management solutions at NAB, none of them really compare to CATDV.

I did get a few questions answered, and hope to implement a couple of installations of this product this year.

Capture, Playout and Automation

I already use softron for capture and playout and it’s excellent. I am looking to expand a little to use their On-The-Air Manager to automate playout and utilize GPI Commander to automatically switch our master control. This will help reduce user error and also reduce our need for staffing 24/7.

I demo’d their products and it’s super easy to setup and use. Compared to other products like FORK and Tools-On-Air it’s cheaper but still not cheap, but definitely easier to use.

Cameras & Lighting

I don’t know almost anything about this part of the industry, but here are a few things I picked up:


  • GoPro cameras are awesome. I am buying one!
  • The new Blackmagic camera sounds exciting! Low price, high quality.
  • Panasonic also has some nice cameras.
  • Sony is doing some new stuff with 4k, etc.,
  • 3D is at every booth but not really that useful for most


  • LitePanels LED 3-point lighting kit for $3k. Looks nice, travels well, well respected by those who know.
  • Arri lights are expensive but pretty impressive.


The Blackmagic ATEM is pretty awesome.


I’m sure there are things I missed. It’s a huge show. Now I have the difficult job of using what I learned to make wise decisions…

That’s always the challenge, not just finding the right tools, but accurately analyzing your needs and implementing solutions in a way that makes things easy.

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#NABSHOW 2012 Round-up: Sneakernet

Sneakernet In the past working with bare drives or with firewire enclosures, “sneakernet” style, was the way to go because of cost. It was annoying to deal with the “Hey, where’s that footage?” factor, but we did it because it was cheap, and shared storage was hard to come by. Occasionally drives were shipped around, […]

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